12. Kärcher Rally Kumrovec Schedule

Friday, September 8

Prior to the Rally will kick off, crews will drive optional Shakedown Kladnik at 14:00. Rally Start will follow at 17:21 and brand new Special Stages Tuhelj 1 and 2 will take place at 17:34 and 19:57 with a Regrouping at Terme Tuhelj in between.

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Saturday, September 9

Ceremonial Start at Museum Staro Selo at Kumrovec is scheduled at 9:15. A total of nine Special Stages, Desinić, Zagorska Sela and Kumrovec are to be driven three times each from 10:24 till 16:48, followed by Finish Podium at Museum Staro Selo at 17:45.

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Detailed Event Schedule

Please follow the instructions of officials in order to ensure the rally undergoes in safe and peaceful manner.

Organizers of 12. Kärcher Rally Kumrovec 2023. kindly ask You to pay special attention on safety during the planning of visit of event. Following points may help You:

  • All spectators are reminded that motorsport can be dangerous. Despite us taking all reasonable precautions, unavoidable accidents can happen. Be reminded You are present at your own risk.
  • We ask You to obey the instructions of event officials, spectator marshalls and police in relation to your and others safety.
  • We ask You to take full account of weather conditions when picking your clothes. Likewise, we advise You to wear footware suitable for outdoor conditions.
  • We ask You not to bring your dogs do rally, as they can be upset by the loud noises. If You do bring your dog, all the times dog should be on lead.
  • Children and minors should always be under supervision of adequate amount of adults at all time responsible for their behaviour and safety.
  • Beware of flying stones as well as uneven or slipery surfaces.
  • Always pick a position for watching above or at a road level, never stand below the road level.
  • Always leave enough space for escape in a danger situation.
  • Respect the marshals and follow their instructions
  • Observe the colour coded tape and all signage
  • Use the natural environment to protect yourself
  • Don’t walk on the rally stage
  • Stay standing and remain alert
  • Remember that alcohol and drugs can impair your responses and threaten your safety
  • The use of the drones is prohibited over or near the Special Stages and the Service Area.

Spectators safety brochure

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